Free Domestic Shipping on Party Supplies MOQ $500

Amazon Prep Services

Do you sell on Amazon?

Let us prep and fulfill your Order

The process are five simple steps:

  1. Purchase products from us
  2. We receive your order at our warehouse
  3. We label & pack your order
  4. We ship your order to Amazon FBA warehouses

Carton Label Fee

2%- Invoice Fee from Invoice Total

Pallet Labels are free

(We are not currently applying individual product labels)


Bundling Fees (up to 8 items)

  • $1.10/Per Unit -1-150 Units (includes labels)
  • $1.00/Per Unit- Over 150 Units (includes labels)


Need to store your order?

30-days free
$.80/per unit monthly


If you are looking to prep orders not ordered from us we can help too!  click here for more information.